Saturday, December 10, 2011

スーパーかわいい Su-pa- kawaii!

I totally like kawaii stuff and am not afraid to wear them. 
In Europe it is not that common and accepted if one wears cute, childish stuff as it is in Asia, but I keep ignoring this.  

In fact one of my super secret plans is to make an online shop of kawaii stuff and jewelry for the Hungarian market some day and maybe also aikido equipment, books. Until then, I am trying out my online selling skills on different websites as you already saw in some previous posts.

So what about some kawaiiness in this post, right here right now!

Beauty and Aikido © 

Kawaii iPhone 4 Case with bunny rabbit ears and tail HERE

And much more cuteness coming up on my current online shop.

Coming up:

http://www.emocutez.comDo you owe kawaii items? 
What do you think of the jewelry I showed you above?

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