Saturday, December 17, 2011

Seasonal Skincare: Winter Trio

Most important of all in winter is to moisturize your skin. In this season your skin needs extra moisturizing. 

Keep your hands protected! In winter the cutting cold wind contributes to drying your skin. I notice this especially on my hands. So when the first cold autumn winds strike in, I pull my gloves out of the closet: Let winter strike in!


SPF in Winter? I don't need it. Well you might be wrong. In winter sun-rays are warm and tricky, because they can damage your skin just as much as in summer. I am not the adept of 50 PA++++ creams in winter, but I always make sure to have a minimal SPF protection. My most used cream in winter is the ultra moisturizing Neutrogena  SPF 15 because it provides both these two important things your skin needs in winter, also: ultra moisturizing effect and SPF.


  1. Thanks for the winter skin care tips. It seems like everyone forgets about sunscreen in the winter months.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yep, people tend to be less careful in winter, but it is exactly then when a lot of damage can happen to your skin if you don't take care of it!

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