Saturday, August 11, 2012

4th Kyu Preparation - Salami Slice Approach I

I went to this personal effectiveness training some month ago. I have learned some interesting stuff in there and now I would like to apply them not only in my work, but also in my aikido practice. It said that whenever you have to do something big or approach something totally new, just take it step by step. I have always been trying to approach a topic and take it in as a whole. Most of the times it it really demotivating. The trainer was comparing it to trying to eat a whole salami at once. In opposition to that she suggested to slice the salami and eat a thin slice every day.

So here is my weekly kyu exam salami slice for you. I am trying now to approach a topic, namely the 4th kyu exam material step by step. I also invite you along on the journey of analyzing the 4th kyu Aikikai Aikido exam material with pictures, videos, tips and what not! Hope you will enjoy! Feel free to comment and give any tips of personal stories any time!

Tachi waza:

Ai hanmi katate dori: kote gaeshi

Katate dori:  nikyo / omote – ura

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