Saturday, October 13, 2012

4th Kyu Preparation - Salami Slice Approach III

I did not take an exam on the summer training camp as I was not yet too well prepared. Sensei asked me yesterday if I was to take the exam on the winter training camp. Well to be honest, I have no idea if I should go ahead and shoot for 4th kyu next month already... But to be on the safe side, I am continuing the series of posts with the salami slice approach. Please become the follower of my blog if you are interested in the updates about my preparation for the 4th kyu exam by hitting Join this site in GFC on the left.

Today on our plate the slightly confusing names of three different techniques: Uchi Kaiten Nage, Soto Kaiten Nage, Ude Kime Nage. This post will help me and you guys to better understand how the techniques function.

Uchi Kaiten Nage is when you step inside and turn underneath the arm of the uke. Let us watch this execution in the video and fix this techniques. You also might want to try exercising with your mind's eye to fix both the movement and the name of the technique. The best in that is in your mind you can basically practice anywhere: during a break at work, on the bus, while waiting in a line, etc.

Soto Kaiten Nage is similar, but notice the step on the side and the cutting from the outside. You are not splicing underneath the arm of the opponent but you just turn your hand over the uke's wrist and then execute the trow.

Ude Kime Nage is an arm lock trow that I also need to know well for the 4th kyu. As it ends with Nage it is a bit confusing and I felt like it had some sort of connection with the Kaiten Nage family so I included it here in this post. Still need to practice basic tenkan, weapon katas and gain more confidence before I can actually pass this exam.

Stay tuned for the remaining salami slices. To get to the firs post from this series and find out what I mean by the salami slice go here. To see the second slice click here.

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