Sunday, October 7, 2012

Women in Aikido: Sharon Dominguez

-by Sharon Dominguez

Source: Sharon's Private Pictures

I am a born and bred New Yorker, a rare breed indeed. I met Masahilo M Nakazono in August, 1984. He was a Kototama Sensei, a Doctor of Eastern Medicine and former Aikido Sensei, having studied under O'Sensei. He was teaching a seminar on the Kototama and the principles of natural medicine. I knew immediately that he was my teacher and this was the path I wanted to travel.  In 1985, I started to formally study natural medicine as a profession from Nakazono Sensei and his son, Jei. It was then that I was introduced to Aikido. We worked with boken and jo. We also routinely practiced the basics; ikkyo through yonkyo, kotegaeshi and iriminage. We also practiced rolling. In 1988, I joined the New York Aikikai. In early 1991, I became the official driver of Yamada Sensei, Sugano Sensei and Donovan Waite. I traveled with them extensively for 10 years. I continued to travel with Sugano Sensei up until a year before he died. I was also Yamada Sensei's personal secretary for 10 years. I am a member of the board of the NY Aikikai. I taught at NYU from 1996-2000. I am currently teaching at the New York Aikikai and Aikido of Park Slope. I hold the rank of Godan. The last seminar I taught at was in San Francisco with Christian Tissier, Bruce Bookman, Jimmy Friedman and Claire Keller. 

I have a practice in Kototama Life Medicine, I'm a writer, and I am also a non-denominational minister who performs weddings and other important rituals. I am married to Javier, a san-dan who I met in Aikido in 1998 when he was visiting from Peru.  We have two kids: Mateo, 12 and Mirei, 10. Mirei does Aikido, Mateo wants to be ballet dancer. I am also the former design director of a prominent precious jewelry line, having been in fashion since I was a teenager. I feel very fortunate to have had unprecedented access to the Senseis. I am forever grateful for all that they taught me and it is my hope that I can share their knowledge and understanding to as many people as possible.

Thank you so much Sharon for the biography that you shared with us. My lovely followers, please stay tuned for the interview with Sharon Dominguez!

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