Monday, October 22, 2012

Eyeliner Look and Cute Earrings

Beauty and Aikido ©

This is just a random post about an eyeliner look I am trying out and want to perfect until the yearly Christmas Party or company is always organizing. Been through all the possible phases: Eyeliner+nude lips, eyeliner+red lips and now I am at the porcelain doll imitation look which is really appealing eyeliner+nude lips with a dash of red in the middle. I also have my dress already...I think. I won't disclose any pictures of that, yet, so you need to stay tuned until Christmas if interested. I was looking for a little black dress that would put into evidence my neck and shoulders. I pretty much found something, but am not yet sure if it is the one. Might still be looking for other dresses. I also bought some cute and interesting earrings.

Beauty and Aikido ©

Never had one of those magnet earrings. Now I wore them for a couple of hours but they are really painful and the ear cuff is really uncomfy also. Well yeah...I guess I am making too much of a fuss about it, but I hate having uncomfortable clothes or jewelry. But this cute ice-cream earring is much easier to wear.

Beauty and Aikido ©

Stay tuned, because as announced, I will be posting the interview with Sharon Dminguez really soon. Until then go check out the bio she herself has composed for Beauty and Aikido. Also for my daily aikdo training notes, please head to my Tumblr. I have made a habit of putting down some notes after each training and a lot of people really like these notes. Hope you will like them also!

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