Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Aikido on Saturday

Those of you who follow me on Tumblr. know that I usually post my training notes there. But this time as the event has a certain importance, I dedicate a whole post to it. We had a training camp in a town near by and it was awesome. Students from several different associations gathered and trained as one big family. It was great to see all the hakama students doing their flowy moves and swirling around in shiko dashi. The Senseis leading the demonstrations present there were the following: Elsner László Sensei (6. dan), Várszegi Rudolf Sensei (6.dan), Shidoin Pivony Attila Sensei (5.dan). 

We did all the five teachings in suwari waza, then some knife techniques and and the end our Sensei was demonstrating a few more intricate techniques. The camp had as a purpose the preparation for the dan exams. At the end we all gathered in a big circle, held each other's hands and did some breathing exercises. It was all very exciting. As for how it was for me personally, sometimes I got confused with the techniques, but then I asked for help. Before the whole seminar started I felt butterflies in my stomach, a feeling of uncertainty and eager to try out something new, it was all really new and intriguing to me. Each time the technique changed, we changed partners, too. This way we had the chance to blend with a lot people who were around and practicing. Somehow I felt connected to them through the fact that we all dedicate a big part of our life to this martial art. I hope this was the beginning of a series yet to come and the path towards a unified aikido in Hungary.


  1. I love it. :D
    Sounds and looks like a lot of fun! ^^

  2. Hi Frances Marie! Yeah, I love it, too. Will be posting some more. We might have another similar seminar soon! And then there is the spring training camp also, about which I will be writing a post in March, so stay tuned!


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