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Friday, April 29, 2011

How to Decide if Mineral Foundation Makeup is a Useful Product for your Skin

 -a guest post by M. Rochell

Finding the suitable mineral foundation makeup for beautiful skin coverage can enhance and even your natural skin discoloration. Mineral foundations are usually a powder formula that is produced from a mix of cornstarch and different minerals. There is a number of different formulas you can choose from. You should do some research in order to determine which suits you best. This post can help you in doing that.

The ideal of a mineral foundation got going in the 70s. It was to give the skin a clearer, fragrance free, dye free and binding-free product. The item was intended to be gentle on the skin and not cause any irritation. Some brands have managed to make a foundation that closely resembles many of these goals.

Some of the products provide a coverage that does not meet the normal coverage level, so it is better to go to a store where different mineral foundations can be purchased and try them on. Mineral foundations are not known for giving good wrinkle coverage and may not be the best choice for acne or rosacea. Since there are differing opinions, trying it out is the best way to understand how it will work for you.

Reading the labels is very important with regards to mineral makeup. When it says pure or only minerals you should still read the fine print. Sometimes these claims are not entirely true. Even though they are true, there might be very irritating elements in the makeup.

The sun block that is found in a lot of foundations is not included in a mineral foundation. This is something that each wearer needs to be aware of and take precautions for. Wearing a sun block under the foundation can provide it a very different look and feel.

There are many other mineral-based products on the market other than foundation. You can find eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, finishing powders and even mascaras. The options are numerous if you are fond of the mineral-based skin care products. Some companies sell mineral products included in their manufacturer product line, while others concentrate only on the mineral-based products.

A lot of people think that mineral-based foundations are cruelty-free products. This is usually not the case. Some of the products are not tested on animals; however the brushes may be made of rabbit’s fur. So, if this is a concern to you, you need to do some research before buying any mineral-based products.

The most essential things to remember about the mineral foundation makeup is that it is very individualized. There are many different beliefs concerning the makeup: for example that it isn't good for darker skin tones or it isn't good for wrinkles. The simplest way to try it is to go to a store where they let you try the product on. It is more affordable than buying several brands and looking them. This will enable you to talk to an educated sales person about your skin and coloring. You might want to put it on all day before you buy a specific brand so you are aware how it lasts and how it looks in various lights.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Experimental Aikido- Women in Skirts

I was totally taken off guard by this video, just to find out next that there will be a whole sequel of them. But this is great, because it means it somehow clashed with and changed my horizon of expectation. For now these were the questions that popped into my mind:

Are these light movements and colorful skirts doing justice to aikido? 
Really conservative practitioners would definitely say no. I am more flexible and open minded so I say it is an interesting approach. This is a great way to promote aikido among women. As aikido is not about raw force but about intellect and lightness of movements, Bernath Sensei's approach is a valid, creative and creditable one.

Is aikido reduced or elevated to a dance in this video? 
This video has a bohemian atmosphere. The girls sort of remind me of Esmeralda from Notre Dame de Paris. Her dance is just as charming and bewitching. This dance is the meeting point of ballet, modern dance and aikido. I hope this video will bewitch a lot of viewers and make them interested in trying out aikido, even though it is pretty far away from what is demonstrated in this video. 
Is this aikido or is this something else? 
It is categorically not aikikai aikido. However I offer the credit to Bernath Sensei as the initiator of this innovative direction. It is something else, still waiting to be defined.

Are these girls aikidoka?
I saw some insecure mae ukemis instead of free fall in the video, but basically the girls try to do their best. They might as well be aikidoka. I will ask Bernath Sensei about this. She was kind enough to like my Facebook page, so she can easily track this article I mentioned on Women on Aikido I was planning to write.

Most probably I will be returning to the videos from the promised sequel with further comments.

O.P.I. Half Moon Nails Tutorial

This is a look inspired by the German JOY magazine and a spring day where I felt like buying this crazy colored nailpolish. Half moon nails are again fashionable and are not that hard to create. In case you would like an interesting look, try this one out. You can do the reverse french manicure with free hands or with french manicure stripes.

Here is the result:

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blog Analytics- About Average Reading Time on my Blog

Greetings Everyone!

I actually pretty much enjoy tracking the reader activity on my blog. Through this I learn more about you, my readers and about blogging in general also. One of the tools I use is PostRank Analytics. I have observed that the more time I invest in a post, the more time you, my readers invest into reading it.

For example it took me several hours to put together this post about different techniques we were practicing at our dojo and I also supported it with carefully searched video material from YouTube. And through this, you also conveyed more of your time fot that post:

Even though I got no engagement for this post yet, hope to get some soon enough. One gets them if someone comments or interacts somehow with that post. For example if you Digg it, Like it on Facebook or Share it on StumbleUpon or if you perform any similar activity.

All in all I treasure those 7 page views, because those people took their time and read my post. Maybe you also learned someting or got more interested in aikido. Thank you for your interest! If you have anything to share or ask, do not hesitate to contact me. I will keep on writing both lighter and more ellaborate posts.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Inspiring Quotes- Steven Seagal Shihan

I have been thinking for long about writing one or more posts about Steven Seagal. He is a really important figure in aikido, who cannot be left our from a blog about aikido. I have been watching movies with him since I was a kid. Back then I did not know that he was a martial artist, I was just watching the action movies with my dad who was also a big fan of Seagal's signature pony tale characters.I remember that back then I didn't even know his name, I just called him the guy with the pony tale.

Not long ago I discovered a documentary about Seagal Sensei called The Path Beyond Thought. It is a really interesting movie, filmed in the documentary style. There are several interviews with different aikidokas who were practicing in his dojo. I was really impressed by the equal way he was treating female aikidokas at trainings. On the one hand there was no discrimination on the other hand women had to train just as tough as men and reach the same performances. It is a movie I would recommend to watch also for the randori. That was the 1 Dan black-belt exam Seagal Sensei conducted in his dojo. Most aikidoka would have preferred a real life fighting more than the randori they were supposed to endure during the exam. But if you passed that you were strong enough, you have made it to shodan, you have taken the first step.

My interest has been raised by this movie and I started browsing the web for interviews with Steven Seagal. This is an interesting one I have found, with lots of inspiring ideas. What I love about the ideas in the interview is the fact that Seagal Sensei truly understands the complexity of this martial art. I am hoping to be able one day to practice aikido with all its depth. In the mean time I have chosen an inspiring quote to further think about:

"Trust your doubt. Always fight for your beliefs.
        That is the path beyond thought."

I have been browsing some pictures also, and I found this one really much similar in the easiness and lightness of movement with one of my favorite O'Sensei pictures:


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More goodies:

Steven Seagal Old Film-Techniques
Steven Seagal Official Website
Steven Seagal Unofficial Website (maybe even better than the official one)
Steven Seagal on IMDb
My fave intro:

I love the way he briefly says kimochi, ne! dozo at the end  :o)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My First Make-up Tutorial and a Short Excursion into Japanese Cuisine

I have successfully filmed my first make up tutorial, and above you can see the result. This is a look I was wearing on a dinner out with my boyfriend. There were a lot of delicious stuff. In the video you can also see some scenes of how ura maki is prepared by a female Japanese chef.

Make up

Products used:

Max Factor Second Skin Foundation- Natural 070
Max Factor Concealer- Ivory
Sephora- Cororful pro
Manhattan- True Blue Eyeshadow
Dior- Travel Palette
Manhattan- Coral Heat Eyeshadow
Random Eyelash curler
Maxfactor- Masterpiece Waterproof Mascara
Essence- Mineral Powder Blush
For the lips I used the aloe lip balm.

I used sponge applicators and some E.L.F Studio Brushes.


Shiitake umani, Edamame, Dashimaki tamago
Beauty and Aikido ©

Rainbow sushi & Kawari maki
Beauty and Aikido ©

Miso soup (the best I have ever eaten)
Beauty and Aikido ©

Agedashi tofu
Beauty and Aikido ©

Sake shioyaki
Beauty and Aikido ©

Beauty and Aikido ©

Beauty and Aikido ©

I hope you enjoyed this short excursion in gastronomy. Please let me know if you would like to see some more similar posts. I am a big fan of Japanese cuisine ^.^y

Mae Ukemi and Break Fall

I could have posted this picture without comments also, it would probably be expressive enough. What I am trying to share is in fact the struggle of the beginner with the fall in aikido. At the beginning with the inconvenient body posture and movements one has to perform it, further on with executing it correctly without hurting yourself.


What you need to do (tips from my favorite senpai who offered to practice it with me after the trainings but I am too lazy and not persevering enough to do so):

1. Keep the tegatana

What you need to do in case of rolls and any other technique is to keep the tegatana in your arms. Otherwise the movement will be broken and not smooth enough (see the dude in the picture above doing the ukemi right vs doing the ukemi wrong). If you have this key element right, you are almost there.

2. Keep your hips straight, follow a straight line

Always make sure your starting position is deep and straight enough. I know that during actual techniques it is hard to pay attention to this, but it is again one of the success factors. Especially with break fall, at the beginning one has the tendency to fall somewhat laterally because it feels more safe. But it is wrong, because what you need to do is fall straight ahead. It might help if you give the fall some power by pushing with your behind leg if the tori does not execute the technique smoothly enough to throw you properly.

3. Slap the mat

I am rather unsure about this one, but apparently this is the best way for a beginner to attenuate a break fall. Advanced practitioners fall almost without sound as their body absorbs the shock in different points, harmoniously.


These are 3 simple rules I could think of, what Sensei and several senpai have been telling me in our dojo. As each and every practitioner is doing it differently, might be you have other points where you need to do better. Don't forget the best way to do it right is practicing. Do not hesitate to ask a senpai in your dojo. They will be more then happy to help you.

I hope you enjoyed this newest post about Ukemi Waza and that you are practicing more diligently than me. Trying to persevere both in aikido and blogging. Will be posting some more soon!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

❀Spring is Here! Treatment against Cellulite❀

YAY!❀ Spring is here, sun is shining! I already bought a cute short skirt and want to look at my best in it. As I consider my thighs one of my problem areas, I do use additional products that can make it look better. In this video I wanted to present one of the products that I use to get firmer thighs. You can lie to yourself and say you get rid of cellulite with massage and creams, but it is of course not going to happen. Anti-cellulite creams are to be combined with a balanced nutrition and with regular sports. Most of the people I know go working out or running. These are sports really few people genuinely enjoy. So what I have been observing is that most people around me enthusiastically start training and in two weeks when I ask again how they are doing, they say they stopped...for a while. Of course because they are too busy or too tired. People thinking like this will never do regular sports, although there might be a hope for them. Keep on reading to find out. They keep lying to themselves, that next time you will be disciplined. The only solution for them is so close and they don't even notice it!

it is
true passion 
for a certain sport that cannot be beaten by any promise of quickly losing pounds or centimeters 

All in all, use creams try working out, but best is to find that sport that really fits your personality and stick to it. Be it swimming, basketball, or even martial arts, do it not just for the sake of burning fat, but for the people you meet there, because you can learn more about yourself and to feel you are making progress in something and becoming richer as a person. Remember, you have been given this life in this body. It is such a shame to disrespect and mistreat it!

Katatedori: Ikkyo Ude Osae, Sumi-Otoshi, Kubinage

I am just reviewing some of the techniques we did on the last training. It was the first training where I had the contact lenses on. It barely bothered me as I was more masmarized by the fact that I can finally clearly see what was happening in the dojo.

At the beginning I was concerned the lenses could not remain in place at falls or something, but in the end it was all OK. It was really a new exciting feeling to get out of the blurry world I was training in.

We did a tough warm up, but I really loved the way senpai was leading it. She has some sort of freshness and positivity all around herself that maintains a pleasant atmosphere. She is also really good at catching the attention of kids and making them listen to her, which is, we must admit, not an easy task. Even though she still has some trouble tying her hakama she is the sweetest. So thanks to her kindly texting me on the next morning, I once again have the name of the techniques we did on that training:

1. Katatedori ikkyo ude osae, basis of all fixing techniques in aikido:

We always do the techniques from omote and ura. It was the case this time also.

2. Sumi-otoshi- omote, ura

I sill have to work on the uke part with the following while tori is doing the tenkans. Gentlemen (to quote this exquisite Sensei), let´s enjoy another demonstration of Kumaaikido´s Sensei. Still investigating his exact name as it did not become clear from the dojo´s site either.

3. Kubinage- omote, ura

This technique caused me a light injury I still have on the chin. Sensei was demonstrating on me and his gi rubbed to my chin and scratched it. I have not found the most suitable video that would give back the way we were doing the technique. Might be that its name is somewhat different. Do read my post on the aikido effect to see why at this stage I am still so unfamiliar with the names of the techniques. I am not sure what specific martial art is the following video demonstrating. However, it is the closest video I have found to how we were doing it, in aikikai without the fall of the tori together with the uke:

Should anybody have an aikikai aikido video for this technique (might be that the name of the technique is somewhat different that is why I have not found the right video) do not hesitate to write a comment or a message.

Thank you!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

How to Remove Gel Nails

Gel nails is basically the only nail polish that can survive a whole week (at least) of typing on my keyboard and aikido trainings. But what should you do when they get all chopped and you want to get rid of them? Here is one of the techniques you can use. If you go and watch this directly on YouTube you can see other ways of doing it on the right, in the suggestions column. If you liked it please subscribe and share your opinions in comments.

Tools I used:

1. Nail soakers
2. Acryl remover
3. Nail scratching tool
4. Nail filers

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Thanks ^.^y

Friday, April 1, 2011

About Weapon Techniques and Who Needs a Prince

Beauty and Aikido ©

I am finally officially 5 kyu. It is written and signed in a little blue notebook. I didn't really care about what grade I would be and what results I would reach when I started aikido. The whole fuss came because Sensei was pushing us to pass the exams. My attitude somewhat changed now and am really determined to take it more and more seriously. But enough about seriousness and let me spice this post up with a bit of whimsicality.

This week I was wearing an OPI nail polish and it remained almost the training.Unbelievable but true, the Who Needs a Prince nail-polish resisted all the hardships of whole day tiping in the office and training.
Usually no normal nail polish resists. It is only the gel nail polish that survived a whole week on my nails. So I would give an A+ to this nail polish. I never thought that it would be this good. I saw lots of girls raving about it on YouTube, but was not really convinced. I will for sure do a review and some looks with the nail polishes and some other little nail art decorations I got.

Back to training, this week we were doing a lot of techniques from ryotedori: tenchi-nage, kokyu-nage, shiho-nage. I still cannot remember all the names of the techniques so a sempai girl who already wears hakama sometimes helps me and sends them to me.

☆Thanks again.★
I will make sure and watch the techniques on YouTube again on the weekend. I consider that I can many times learn from them also. However nothing compares to the actual training.

Today we have training with weapons.I am a bit weak at techniques with weapons. At the beginning I did not really take it seriously. At my previous dojo it was not practiced. Many dojos don´t practice any catas or techniques with weapons.
So I sort of skipped Friday trainings almost all the time. The moment I really got to know the weaponed techniques was in the summer training camp.

However this Friday I will not be there either, as I am going to a great Japanese dinner at a restaurant. It will be great. Some traditional foods will be prepared and a short story will be presented for each and every one.
Will make some fotos and keep you posted on that also!

Some of the videos I watched to observe the techniques better:




My nails in Who Needs a Prince

The Voice of Aikido


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